Our Firm

Professional Experts and Value-Added Service

Our teams are among the most highly qualified and we make no compromise when it comes to quality, providing you utmost rigorous technical expertise, tailored, value-added customer service, and stringent deadline management. In addition, our Tax team is involved in every mandate that we are entrusted with.

This is why we hire only skilled and devoted staff. Our experts are highly trained and are encouraged to continuously develop and share their knowledge, ensuring that our customers benefit from leading-edge expertise while our members enjoy opportunities to evolve in a challenging, learning-oriented environment throughout their career.

Our unique approach is holistic and integrated. Both companies and shareholders are at the center of our practice, which takes into consideration the best interest of all parties. Our aim is to maximize the entire structure rather than only the links. Our teams collaborate, completing one another. As a result, our customers always have access to our experts, and our professionals are able to develop continuously.

Our Integrity and Credibility

In business for over 30 years, our accounting firm ranks among the best in Quebec. We have earned and maintained the trust of lenders and other financial players throughout the decades.

Our partners are persons of integrity involved in their community. Our reputation in business networks and with our peers and financial authorities is built on credibility.

Our Tax partners are in constant contact with Federal and Provincial financial authorities. They sit on several tax committees and are active members of the Association de planification financière et fiscale, a major Quebec income tax association.

Our Approach Is Based on Partnership and Achievement

As your trusted business partner in your day-to-day management, we are committed to providing our clients with much more than basic expert accounting practice. This way, you know you can count on us to adapt to your specific needs.

More than accountants whose job it is to produce financial statements and tax returns, our partners are businesspeople who expect results. We make sure you can rely on concrete, customized and proactive solutions aimed at advancing your company.

With plenty of individual achievement opportunities, our challenging workplace is a source of motivation for our staff. As a result, our clients appreciate our low turnover and our team’s accumulated insight into your business environment.

We Are Accessible

Thanks to our value-added, individualized service and leading-edge expert skills in assurance and tax, at substantially lower costs than larger competing accounting firms, choosing Hardy, Normand & Associés is an invaluable business decision.

Thanks to our appreciative customers, our bottom line has increased more than 300% in the past decade and our staff has grown five fold. Key to our success, we are an intermediate-size firm with the ability to meet the varied needs of all our partners.

Our partners are entrepreneurs with strong business acumen. They also naturally create close ties with our customers and remain sensitive to the special needs of SMEs. As a result, our clients benefit from extended services that are at once versatile and responsive, while our employees evolve in a motivating professional environment that provides them with continuing learning and excellent advancement opportunities.

Our partners remain available for our customers as well as for our team members. They are insightful, skilled at simplifying technical concepts, and they are great collaborators!