Our Tax Department includes about twenty tax experts and is perhaps one of the best tax departments among intermediate size firms.

In addition to serving the firm’s regular client base, our tax specialists are often requested for specific interventions with large corporations, which benefit from our skilled and talented tax experts at affordable costs.

Our tax specialists maintain close contact with Federal and Provincial fiscal authorities. They sit on several tax committees and play an active role in the APFF, a major tax association in Quebec, namely as regular speakers. Their mastery of accountancy concepts and strong ability to share their knowledge has also made them sought-after collaborators in the universities of Quebec.

The high number of tax experts for a firm our size is undoubtedly an advantage in our industry. Our tax professionals are oriented toward fiscal problem-solving and innovative planning solutions.

On the leading-edge of tax law and accounting, our interventions involve the following areas of action:

  • Compliance with Canadian tax laws and regulations;
  • Individual and corporate tax planning;
  • Analysis and optimization of your corporate structure;
  • Business sales and acquisitions;
  • Indirect taxes;
  • Representation with tax authorities.

In fact, we strive to stay close to our clients, anticipating potential problems and helping you to plan your future.